Pharmacology is an essential course that contributes basic theory, elementary knowledge and scientific principals to diseases prevention and rational use of drug. It is also a double bridge that links medicine and pharmacy, basic medicine and clinical medicine.


The scope of pharmacology involves function sciences (physiology, pathology, biochemistry and molecular biology), morphology (human anatomy, embryology, parasitology) and clinic (internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics) and many other disciplines. Pharmacology is characterized by wide range of contents and profound theories, making it an indispensable course for medical and pharmaceutical research as well as clinical and production practice.


  • 1.The characteristics, goal and mission
  • 2.Basic requirements for teaching
  • 3. Schedule and content
  • 4. Teaching method and characteristics theories
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Associate Professor FenYun

Institute of Medicinal Science,Jiangsu University

Feng Yun earned her Ph.D in Tumor Molecular Pharmacology, Department of Oncology, Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology, CAMS&PUMC, Beijing, P. R. China in 2005.She then joined Departement of Pharmacology,Institute of Medicinal Science in Jiangsu University as a associate professor,majoring in Microbiology & Biochemical Pharmacology.


Professor GaoJin

Dean of Overseas School,Jiangsu University

Gao jing finished her PhD in NanJing University in 1994,after that she worker as the director of the Institute of Materia Medica till 2006.From 1998 to 1999 ,she went to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as an visting professor in Department of Structure and Cell Biology.She joined the school of Pharmacy in JiangSu University at the end of 2006


Lecture Xu Xiao

Institute of Medicinal Science,Jiangsu University

Xu Xiao became a Ph.D candidate at JiangSu University in 2011 , She then joined Departement of Pharmacology,Institute of Medicinal Science in Jiangsu University as a Lecturer,majoring in Pharmacology and Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics.


Associate Professor Huang XiaoJia

Department of Pharmacology,Jiangsu University

Huang XiaoJia (PhD of ZheJiang University,associate professor) joined department of pharmacology in JiangSu University in 2007 .During 2010 to 2013,he got further trained as a postdoctor in University of Illinois School of Medicine at Chicago.After that ,he Came back to China and worked as a cssociate professor .Now his lib focuses on the mechanisms in pathogenesis of acute lung injury and repair of vascular barrier


Associate Professor Li YongJin

Department of Pharmacology,Jiangsu University

Li YongJin(PhD) is the associate professor of the Pharmacology.His main research directions are nerve,tumor pharmacology and signal transduction and new drug development




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